Thursday, August 16, 2007

Note to self (but meant to be read by anyone interested)

Do NOT assume that just because you've been assigned a hybrid course of which one credit is digital that you'll be assigned to a computer classroom that allows you to teach the technology necessary to making the digital aspect possible. Such assumptions will hurt you, when, a week before classes start you suddenly check the classroom space and see rows of tables as opposed to computers, and you nearly have a heart attack. These are things you need to ask for and agressively pursue. Please remember this in the future.


bowerr said...

Oh, I hate to get started on the use of computers for the humanities. A colleague and I approach this institutional concern by making frenemies with tech staff. Emails a week before classes start to the tech staff outlining what capabilities are needed may go unheeded but at least the fight is started.

I must always remind myself that many computer techs don’t really want the systems used to the full extent we’d push them or find use for them in our courses.

I sympathize greatly.

Good luck,

Housegirrl said...

Are you EVEN kidding me??? GRrrrr...i'm so sorry to hear it.

Anonymous said...

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