Sunday, February 27, 2005

beyond "yes"

i'm sitting here going back and forth and in circles in my head over what could be a huge problem with my project, but maybe not...the more i think about it. i'm thinking about how i'm situating my project very specifically within the site/context of the corporate University. and i'm claiming that this economic base of the University is directly affecting the writing classroom. furthermore, i'm claiming that composition studies/theory may still be in complicit in this relationship--even after various arguments and pedagogical theories said to have moved away from it. but my problem lies with the specificity of University as economic base. i mean is the University only one formation that is shaping subjectivity in the writing classroom? i guess that ultimately that is a key question for me. and now i'm stuck. damn. i mean, yes, i want to argue yes, but i guess i have to work on the answer--beyond yes.