Friday, July 13, 2007

summer movie watching

Yesterday, I stayed in bed, drinking tea and watching Zizek. I called it work.

Last week we saw Once. I was truly taken with this movie. I think I've thought about it every day since I've seen it. The film is so completely driven by music that D and I could sing the songs upon exiting the theater (which we did). I believe that I keep thinking about it because of how much was kept from the viewer, how much was held back. But Daynah Burnett's review for PopMatters explains it better than I can:
Still, and even though its ethos is decidedly bohemian, the film never lapses into romantic idealism. At no point do the leads make you swoon or root too hard for their union. Rather, they hold so much back from themselves and each other, it’s as though as you don’t know them, but only glimpsed them in passing.

This summer we've also seen Waitress, which is tough to watch without thinking about the murder of writer, director, acctress Adrienne Shelly. And Knocked Up -- hil-arious.

We also watched Lovely and Amazing, which I had never seen. I liked it -- better than Friends with Money (both from Nicole Holofcener).

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bonnie lenore kyburz said...

Lovely and Amazing is great, but i preferred Friends w/ Money. don't know if it just seemed more relevant to me . . .

but i LOVED the final scene. please tell me that you loved it, as well.