Sunday, June 04, 2006

my trip to Asheville

I recently returned from a trip to Asheville, NC. My friend gave birth to baby girl, Ruby, and I went to assist during her partner's first week back to work. There were many complications. My friend nearly died from complications following a C-section birth. Initially she had a midwife and planned a drug-free, water birth, but because of the baby being posterior this just didn't work out. After twelve days spent in the hospital, with some of that time spent in a coma, my friend needed much more help than we'd originally thought. Problem was--I ended up being very sick for two weeks and couldn't go near the baby. So my trip to Asheville looked like this:

--Thought head would explode on airplane.
--Made some food, did some dishes, did some laundry, cleaned some floors, read aloud.
--Went downtown one day, bought some books, ate a portobello mushroom sandwich and drank a smoothie.
--Went to an interesting cafe called Outspoken. Saw some lesbians. Got very nervous. Worked on my teaching philosophy.
--Drank a beer at a nearby pub. Thought it made me feel better. Played a game of pool.
--Cried over the intensity of love between my friend and her partner. Cooed over the baby that I couldn't really help with. They are a beautiful family, and they look like this:

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