Monday, June 19, 2006

bike karma?

Today I biked to school, in the extreme heat. I haven't been on my bike that much this summer, and lately...well, my body hasn't exactly been my temple, so it kind of kicked my ass, but it also could have gone a little more smoothly: When I arrived on campus, my chain fell off. I thought I knew this neat trick to put it back on with a sturdy stick, so as to avoid getting completely grease covered. Well, there were no sticks sturdy enough, apparently. I arrived at the humanities building red-faced and grease-stained. After washing up, getting some coffee (!) and teaching, I made the ride back home, only to end up with a flat tire. I was in my own neighborhood at that point, but I had to walk back wearing my bike shoes. Quite frustrating--klomping noisily through the streets, sweating and wearing a much too tiny tank top (or so it suddenly felt). Also, this morning I was trying to open something and ended up stabbing myself with scissors.

Tonight I have a tennis match, but the heat seems to have sucked all my energy. Hopefully it will go well.

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