Sunday, May 14, 2006

movie break

According to this blog it would seem I take more breaks than I spend time doing work. That is the thin slice of life that is blogging though.

Dawn and I went to see Friends with Money. It was alright. Definitely a wait-for-the-DVD-and-rent-it type of film. But for me it was kind of nice to be reminded of how great my life really it. I mean, the film had no plot, was completely dialogue driven, which I often like. And, in this case, the dialoge was real. And it was nice to go sit for an hour and a half and listen to everyone else's problems. I thought the movie was a bit heavy-handed in terms of its portrayal of male/female (supposed)differences. But again, sometimes it is just about escaping into the conversations of people whose lives are way more f-ed up than mine.

Okay, avoiding grading, for a bit. Must get to it. Friday looms large.

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