Thursday, May 11, 2006

grading break

What makes the best break from grading stacks and stacks of papers? I am sure I must ask this question each semester.

  • Check email and sign a petition against the tracking of phone calls by the NSA.

  • Have a horribly terrifying experience where a big, scary looking spider is crawling on my mouse just as I'm about to put my hand on it. Have to figure out a way to catch spider; work through my fear so I don't just slam a book down on it; bring the spider outdoors--heart racing and feet moving fast.

  • Blog, "play" on the computer, but this ususally does not end up feeling like a break, and then I end up needing another break...

  • Talking on the phone.

  • Doing dishes, laundry, picking up little household messes, but this is always a HUGE risk. That risk being an entire house cleaning that could take hours...days even.

  • Walking around, stretching.

  • Meditating.

  • TV, but this is never a quickie. I get sucked, zoned, seduced, all of it.

  • Upload photos to flickr....

  • read the latest College English

  • Tonight I'm going to an WNBA game:
    Phoenix @ Detroit Preseason
    Pepsi Arena - Albany, NY
    That should be a fun break.

    My legs are still weak from the spider....


    Dave said...

    You missed the best grading break sex.

    VTmtngrrl said...

    hmm...dave, not sure what that says about me:) sad....