Wednesday, July 05, 2006

no phone, no computer

I just spent a glorious four days disconnected. We were in Provincetown--biking, dancing, ocean swimming, football throwing, walking, people watching, Spiritus Pizza eating, etc.. At the bottom of the street that our B&B was on is the Wired Puppy-- Ptown's free wifi coffee shop. When I'd go in for my "hair of the dog" coffee, the thought crossed my mind to check my email, but I was able to resist. It felt amazing.

Now I'm back. The garden is monstrous. Pics to follow.... Looking at the garden, it is hard to believe that it was only four days.

I'm back to work now too. The piles of student writing are monstrous. My goal though is to get through the grading by Monday, and then embark on a whirlwind study schedule for the next two months. I will post a weekly schedule/reading list--"public" accountability might do me some good. I will also use DevonThink to get myself outlined by academHacK.

I've just been informed that my blog does not format properly in Internet Explorer for PC. I apologize for those of you using such a browser. I really don't know how to correct the moment...but I'll work on figuring that out. Though I am slightly amused and entertained to realize that I've never opened up a Internet Explorer PC window in order to come to this realization myself.


Holly said...

Great! I'll be happy to follow along (some) of yr readings, in my skipping sort of way. For PhD comps is it, or prelims? (I'm not sure how far along you are, and I'm from the MFA-illegitimate branch of the family, so not quite sure how exam schedule is laid out...)

VTmtngrrl said...


Yes, comprehensive exams--comprised of three reading lists; two 72-hour written exams and an oral component.

Your "skipping sort of" reading and writing certainly helps me in my thinking and whirlwind reading and writing.