Tuesday, May 03, 2005

blogging interview

Today my ex/friend, Kate, is coming to interview me about my blog/blogging. It's funny because I was trying to explain to her that blogging, at this point, can be/has been theorized, "scholarized," etc. There is even "blogese" and so on. I am just your basic blogger. I don't necessarily think about it (although I might like to); I just "do it." Anyhow, it'll be fun to just blather on about my 'lil blog (that could). Besides she needs to edit the interview down to a thirty second sound-bite, so there won't be a lot of room for heavy theorizing.

It's very interesting to me, though, that Kate, who is highly educated (has more degrees and partial degrees than most people I know) and is fairly handy with computers, only recently (in the past couple of weeks) learned what a blog was. And last night, on the phone, my brother, who is a computer consultant, said, "Now a blog...that's like a daily journal kept on the web????" It just bewilders me to some extent, because, in my head, blogs had their heyday and have even become the object of ridicule....

I wish I could interview Kate about *how* you can be an active part of this computerized world (she has, afterall, done the online dating thing, does research on the web, and has two active e-mail accounts that she checks 25 times a day) and not know what a blog is.

I'm so confused....

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