Sunday, January 09, 2005

24 hours each day

is not enough for me. I feel as though I should be reading every waking moment, as that is what Alisa did. And yet, as part of my project, my work, my research, and my own sanity I feel the need to study the culture to which I refer when I say I'm doing working in "cultural studies." I can't "do" cultural studies without paying attention to the culture. And yet I can't keep up. Not enough time to take in both independent media and mainstream media. I need to pay attention to lefty pop culture, as well as Mtv and VH1. And sometimes my brain just gets tired from reading everything I see. Sometimes I just want to turn off, be passive, let it all wash over me without judging and analyzing. I don't read sports, so there is one refuge, but while I like football, it is not my most favorite of seasons. And if I'm not careful, I could easily start reading athletics as well. But I suppose that is enough complaining for one day. Ultimately though my exam reading suffers.

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