Thursday, December 02, 2004

Shari and the Jewish Vote

Today I went to Shari's presentation. The title was something like--Is it a Jew or a Drag Queen, The Possibilities of Political Performance. I really enjoyed it. It was funny because she drew a total map of the entire presentation at the beginning of it, which is totally-Shari, and it made me giggle. But I have to say it helped. Overall though, I really found her juxtaposition of Butler and Marx, as read through the "I am the Jewish Vote" project, compelling. I appreciated her point that through Butler, the pin, could be read as "I am also the Jewish vote." But I especially found bold her assertion about the reductionist qualities of Marxism if read through this concept of the "Jewish vote." I refrained from clapping (and this is not to say that I am in complete agreement, but I like that she could tackle the argument in this way--from this unique perspective). Somehow, through Shari, the redeployment of power seemed more effectively subversive in some ways than Marx's material conditions.

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