Saturday, November 13, 2004

a little bit of history

I just finished reading the first three and half pages of Richard Johnson's "What is Cultural Studies Anyway?" published in 1986/87 in Social Text. I was half there while reading, half of my mind was on playing tennis, as I have a USTA mixed doubles match this afternoon, and it scares me. A lot. Anyhow, the other part of not paying close attention is that this article is a little bit of history. 1986 was a long time ago now...especially for a field like cultural studies. I need to know the history. I know that. I need to get a grasp on how the field has changed--if it has at all. In fact, the idea of cultural studies, as a "field" is part of the focus of Johnson's article--"the pressures to define" cultural studies as something relevant, as a field. Higher ed. likes fields. Higher ed. likes codified knowledge. Still, it is hard for me to focus on where the field was, when I am still trying so hard to get a grasp on where cultural studies is. Now.

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